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My name is Dubi, I am an interior designer, artist, painter, muralist and decorator, I am the soul and spine of Art for Interiors. My husband is a chef, but enjoys putting his hands into work, he supports my ideas and helps me to brings them to reality. Over the period of 17 years we built the experience and profound knowledge of materials, resources and styles. Living in 4 different countries widened our horizons and opened our minds to be able to implement the best of all worlds. That is why our style is unique and a bit different. We have the skills in planning of residential interior spaces with appropriate usage of basic materials, construction and services required for design project. Producing an idea, draw the project by hands or in 3D computer technique and give you a full advise on color and design schemes.

I am dedicated to creating and I love all things beautiful. Love to recycle and design the homes observing feng shui.

Our greatest inspirations are our 3 children.

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