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How it all started..

It all started when my first daughter Gaja was born in 1998. I wanted to create a magical room for her, trying really hard to find colorful wallpapers. I was struggling on the internet for more then 3 months, until I decided to just simply make a "wallpaper" by myself. It didn't take me long to paint her room and I enjoyed every second of it. I used acrylic (water-based) paints. In the end I put a layer of matt coating (lacque) on the painted wall and after 17 years still looks completely the same. Just we don't live there any more, we moved more than 10 times and 4 different countries in this period.

I was fully employed at the time, so after this job was done, I didn't even imagine, which enormous impact will make to my life.. Kept my job for few years longer, but I started to ask myself every day, if this is really what I want to do all my life..

And it wasn't :)

#photo #wallmural #art #ukbristol #wallart #painting #decorator #interiordesign #acrylic #kidsroom #furniture

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