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Florida - here we come!!!

Lately I haven't been posting a lot, at least not a very long blogs.. I have been busy with trying to sort out and hit the ground running with the new business. But first of course, I went with my husband and kids for a 6-week working holidays in Florida! Did loads of project, even more swimming, but must say I missed Bristol a lot! Specially since Florida was far too humid for my taste.

So, my first project was a mermaid mural, since Weeki Wachee is known as a city of Mermaids (if you believe in them :) The mural was painted on an empty panel wall in hotel Weeki Wachee Quality Inn, in front of reception, so a perfect opportunity to use it as a promotional wall.

It took me 3,5 days only and I worked with most amazing people ever! I mean I worked alone, but since the mural is in the lobby, I was surrounded by employees of the hotel. Here are photos from before and after:

Since the owner was really satisfied with the work done, I had to do the sign for the Lobby as well. 8 x 3 ft, wood and hand drawn and painted sign:

Whilst waiting for the new project I was entertaining myself with my family, enjoying the summer to the fullest! And in the meantime did loads of wood plaques... and we helped building a fairy garden :)

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